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New Solar PV System Installed – Watch This Home’s Power Costs Plummet Instantly!

Now that the new 6.6kw solar pv system has been installed on the roof of this home in Dunsborough, we can check on the iPhone app exactly how much power is being used by the home, how much is being generated by the solar panels, and how much is being fed back into the grid, or being taken from the grid.
So at any time of the day, you know precisely how much power you’re generating, and using. No more surprise bills from Synergy!

How to slash your power bills with solar

With the south-west of WA getting so much sun, particularly in summer, it makes sense to install a solar system to slash your power bills.
On this house in Dunsborough, Chris is installing a 6.6kw system with a 5kw Fronius inverter, which converts the DC current from the solar panels into AC 240 volt power for use by the household.

The Synergy power bills for this home are typically more than $500 every two months, and this solar system is expected to cut those bills by more than half.
The solar system should pay for itself within two years.
After that, it’s FREE power for much of the household’s usage.

Contact Chris from Bayside Electrical and get an estimate for your home.